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Why used car loans

    as the car concept gradually mature, as have the price advantage of cheaper, less depreciation, alternative, used car of choice for many car buyers. But many consumers in buying a used car but found that, compared with the car loan scheme can shop around for a new car, used car loans, are rarely mentioned.
recently, capital of white-collar Miss misery against the author, said: "the compact, wants to buy a second-hand car joint venture, but the budget only 100,000, condition good, feel satisfied with most of the cars were over budget, can used car loan?" Author visit the used car market is located in the provincial capital of Zhong Wanglu found, want to buy used cars often have to pay the full amount. "Used car price can't agree on, is not accurate, high loan threshold, more limited, used car loan hard; relatively flexible way, review of new car loans, used car is in trouble. "Used car dealer, Lee told reporters. But I found when you visit used car market, used car business called out in stages by slogans, is this why?
in response to this situation, the author's identity to buy a car, to specifically responsible for loan consultation. It is understood that the current capital of used-car loans to non-bank financial institutions borrow or use credit card stage, rarely can be as new cars auto loans as direct loans to banks. Even borrowing from banks, most are not banks dedicated used car loan business. Afterwards, the author to consult the banks, the capital found that second-hand vehicle age, mileage, there have been no major incidents, and more generally more harsh conditions, must be provided with the application material is also more cumbersome, are eligible, the relatively new loan is generally low, even using real estate as collateral, or even meet such conditions will not lend. In this regard, the loan Department of a bank's internal staff admits, because used-car value is not high, mortgage of little value, if the damage occurred during the period of the loan, even recovery vehicles are of little use, and depreciation of the used car speeds faster than the speed of repayment, overall high credit risk, so motivation is generally not very high.



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