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What Car Auto mortgage?

   car auto mortgage?
life, each of us will inevitably encounter problems of lack of money, for friends with cars, when applying for vehicle mortgages are a good choice. However, auto motors would need to meet certain conditions for mortgages, small series to introduce today.
1, mortgage of vehicles the way
car more, have all bought, also bought mortgage. And many people have enough money to buy a car, but also more willing to apply for a car loan. Personal mortgage car if the loan is not repaid, not mortgages. Because mortgage car loans you have paid the State, is a mortgage lender.
of vehicles over 5 years of age in General, maximum vehicle age of not more than 5 years, age not too old the used car, as the car was great loss, so the new and used cars, get a loan, the greater the possibility.
, valued at 50,000 yuan the following vehicles used cars like a new car, at higher risk for new car loans, used cars are not. Typically, imposed on financial institutions, vehicle valued at no less than 50,000 yuan, the vehicle type is a 7-seat family car.



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