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Vehicle loans require full information

vehicle loan against car mortgage refers to borrowers the full amount purchased car or vehicle mortgages expire, inward (mass) brought to the Bank or finance company to apply for loans. All mortgage loans are long-term loans, loan term for 1-6 months, the maturity of the loan if the borrower is still funding requirements may apply for renewal (renewal). But many friends for mortgages does not know much about the product, as long as I have a car we will be able to borrow money. But, application full paragraph car mortgage loan, except to handle vehicles mortgage zhiwai, also needed prepared following these material:
① mortgage vehicles of motor vehicle registration card; II driving certificate; ③ car original invoice; II acquisition additional tax this; ⑤ vehicles insurance documents; ⑥ travel tax tax proved; sadly HMT paid documents; ⑧ owners ID, and account thin original and the copies; Krispy Kreme Bank or loan company requirements of other material;
If is imports vehicles, also needed provides vehicles tariff proved. In addition the borrower can choose not to stock charge card loans or charge card stock loan, if taking into account ease of use vehicles may apply for charge cards do not stock loans. But the high loan interest than bet on card stock, and vehicle identification number (City) also have certain requirements.



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