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Loans to buy a car should pay attention to "three traps"

      loan to buy a car, is the main car of today's young people. But small had to remind, in a loan to buy a car, pay attention to the following "three traps":
, loan purchase charges
currently on the car loan is not an exact fees can refer to. And apply for car loans friends know very little in this respect. Some dealers will drill this advantage, unwarranted charges not related to cost, even a project several names fees. Suggest that you apply for a car loan before you take the time to search online for some information, compare, learn to apply for car loans friends, this heart bottom, which can be seen through those fees are out of.
II, not according to agreed upon standards for car loans
many security companies in order to win more customers, said its services are particularly good, even gives consumers a lot of promises, but after signing the loan contract, promise and often it won't. So consumers should treat each process carefully, do not understand we must ask, just carefully in order to see through the trap.
III, contracts or agreements to deceive consumers
for repayment, consumers in the repayment of car loan contract is signed "equal grace", but on a personal car loan bank print clear repayment has become "the principal increase, diminishing interest". This carefully before buying, consumers view the Bank signed a loan contract with himself and the dealers and buyers to sign contracts for the purchase of, understand the overall content of the contract, especially for the interest rate, monthly payment amount, repayment terms and other related information, find unreasonable to ask for correction in a timely manner.



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