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Loans to buy a car has to pay attention to several issues

      consumers by select of car loan way different, mortgage car of interest is not as of, general consumers in mortgage car Qian need understand four points:
1. loan funding letter audit
funding letter audit to attention Bank in considerations borrowing people of repayment capacity Shi, will integrated consider borrowing people of property status, and income, and career, and credit records, even is industry, and degree, many factors, To determine the borrower's loan qualification. In addition to value the property is proved, occupations and income of the borrower is an important criterion.
2. loan documents to complete
the general application personal car loans, the borrower shall prepare identification documents (identity cards, household registration or residence permit), marriage certificates, valid proof of income (tax returns, wage, wage books and so on) or other valid proof of income (funds, stocks, and other monetary income, etc). If applying for a bank the family unit personal car loans, the identity of the spouse of the borrower shall also be submitted to the Bank.
3. loan amount to know what
in General: to personal credit or suretyship guarantees a maximum loan of 200,000 Yuan; or mortgage applications to purchase vehicles, loanable amount is 70%; guaranteed loan applications of third parties (banks, insurance companies), loans amounting to 60%.
4. repayment way to note
Bank General for application personal car loan of user provides matching principal and interest and matching principal two species repayment method: which, matching principal and interest by paid of total interest relative more, but each period repayment amount same, repayment pressure dispersed have more balanced; matching principal each period repayment amount gradually decline, although interest total spending more matching principal and interest less, but early also amount larger, can bear also should think twice.



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