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Loan buyers generally thought

   famous Auto Web site qichezhijia the latest release of a survey on auto finance, asked "whether future car buyers would consider a loan car", the 90.5% of the interviewees said they would consider, only 3.6% visitors clear they will not consider. Qichezhijia Research Center, experts say, with one or two line urban vehicle upgrade, select Auto purchase financing ratio will be higher in the future, which shows, including '' car loan car loan car finance is becoming indispensable to the car important factors.
the study found that many consumers choose loans to car buyers, "economic pressure" "make up for the lack of car" and "inventory of existing funds" are the main three reasons, "economic pressure" at the top, up to 45.6% per cent. In addition to these three reasons, "improve the grade of car purchase", "promotional activities" are also significant factors that influence consumer loans to buy a car.
not choose loan buying consumer also varies. On the whole, consumers are not the main reason for using loans to car buyers from high to low is "necessary interest" "handling chores," "don't like consumer loans" "loans inappropriate" "does not meet the conditions of loan applications," "don't know car loans".


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