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How to improve the individual automobile consumer credit

personal car loan limit maximum number? banks according to the user's applications, user ratings ranging from ABCD, maximum amount of the loan must be clearly different amount of loans banks for customers will usually be higher than common application users.

of individual automobile consumer loan-maximum loan scenarios:

1, use '' of the purchased vehicle as collateral to apply for car loans > car loan, credit line up to purchase sale amount of the vehicle 80%;

2, the Bank authorized by the user to Treasury bonds, financial bonds, key national construction bonds, the personal pledge of deposit issued by banks, credit voucher value, backed by up to 90%;

3, housing, other fixtures on the ground or legally obtained State-owned land-use rights as collateral, loan amount up to 70% of the estimated value of the collateral;

4, insurance companies offer installment credit guarantee insurance, loans of up to auto sales amount 80%;

5, purchase and trade vehicles loan amount up to the value of 70%;

6, users with third parties jointly and severally guarantee (except for banks, insurance companies), in accordance with bank credit evaluation method to the borrower (or guarantor) to set the loan amount and loan amount up to auto sales amount 80%.



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