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Consumer car loans growing

It is understood that the current personal car consumption loans are mainly Bank car loans, vehicle finance companies, auto finance companies, credit cards, car payments, and so on. Bank car loans require an applicant to provide information such as household registration, certificates of real estate, usually needs to be secured against housing and security guarantee, deposit, and fee; General down-payment for the price of 30%, the loan term is 3 years, prices 10% left and right margin and pay related fees. Auto finance companies without any guarantee loan buyer, as long as there is a fixed occupation and residence, a steady income and repayment ability of individuals with good credit; low down payment, loan length, minimum down payment for the car price 20% maximum life span of 5 years, don't have to pay a fee for mortgage. Vehicle finance company vehicles purchased by the need to provide collateral, applicants ought to have a stable job, home ownership, a good credit record and repayment sources; minimum down payment for the car price 20% maximum life span of 5 years, the interest rate is usually little more than Bank high, slightly lower than the auto finance company. Credit card installment purchase is Bank launched a card payments business, credit card installment car loans interest, bank charges, rate varies at different stages.

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