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Auto mortgage buyers five-step

Auto mortgage purchase process please? CCB, Bank of China and other major banks have been offering car loans business, under normal circumstances the Bank down payment on a car loan is about 20% or so. CCB car loan process is as below:
1. customer applications. Customers to the Bank to apply, fill in an application form in writing, together with related information:
2. to sign the contract. Submitted by the Bank to the borrower after application for investigation, examination and approval by both sides sign a loan contract, contract of guarantee, as appropriate, relevant notary, mortgage registration formalities;
3. granting loans. Approval of loans by banks, complied with all procedures, the Bank according to the contract in order to transfer directly into the car dealer's accounts
4. scheduled payments. Borrower by contract for loan repayment plan, and pay back the loan to repay the principal and interest;
5. loans to settle. Loan settled including normal settled and ahead of settled two species
CCB car mortgage loan settled classification: (1) normal settled: in loan due day (one-time debt coupon class) or loan last a period (staging reimbursement class) settled loan; (2) ahead of settled: in loan due recently, borrowing people as ahead of part or all settled loan, must by borrowing contract agreed, ahead of to Bank proposed application, by bank approval Hou to specified accounting counter for repayment. After the loan closing, the borrower shall hold valid identity documents and bank loans picked up her legal custody by a bank settlement voucher vouchers and supporting documents, and loan closing documents to the original mortgage mortgage registration formalities sector.


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