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used car loan process

     real estate, car production is a large industry, as an important collateral for a loan, before caused used car loans car unable to practice problems, now, with the popularization of used motor vehicles evaluation criteria, cheap and affordable used cars have won many of the young people of all ages, also making used-car loans has been good development in this industry. What is the used car loan process?

used car loan process:

1, customers who purchase a used car to the Bank

cars for sale used car sales agency to recommend users have signed with the Bank of the used car dealer of the consumer loan agreement.

2, signed a purchase agreement

to sell selected wish to buy used cars, signed a purchase agreement with distributors, clear models, amount, color, and so on.

3, loan applications

loan applications have the required information: personal loan application, valid identification confirmed, occupation and income, as well as basic household status, purchase agreements, guarantees the necessary proof document, lenders provided the other conditions.

4, the Bank approves the

Bank loan within 15 working days of filing notice car loan, and signed loans borrowing of the second-hand automobile consumption loan contract. However recently as banks tighten credit loan bid has been greatly affected, is expected in December this year in loans next year to get loan policy change car buyers also have interest in real time.

5, the contract

If the applicant meets the loan conditions, Bank sign loan contract and the relevant guarantee contract. Security methods and corresponding procedures:

(1) provide users with third parties jointly and severally guarantee (except for banks, insurance companies), the surety guarantee contract with the Bank, can also provide joint and several liability by insurance company performance bond or bank guarantee.

(2) users to mortgage or pledge guarantee, mortgage or pledge contract with the Bank. Using houses as collateral, shall be appointed by the Evaluation Agency confirmed, by the Bank together with the mortgagor to County real estate registry as the House's bid for mortgage registration, after obtaining a warrant contract. Secured by pledge, pledge contracts shall enjoy the benefits of the contract comes into effect after the transfer vouchers to the Bank.

(3) after the above procedure is completed, the Bank shall immediately send notice of loan to the dealer.


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